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One of the biggest mistakes sellers can make is failing to view their home through a prism of impartiality. This is understandable since most homeowners have a deep emotional attachment to their home and will often fail to see what will be obvious to potential buyers that are interested in your home. An experienced REALTOR® will help you avoid the common pitfalls but there are several important things a homeowner can do to stage their home for the fastest possible sale:



Many collections are based on personal memories and it has been shown that people collect to inspire recollection and relive the past. Safe to say that your collection of antique dolls, no matter how cool or valuable will only come off as clutter to a prospective buyer seeing your home for the first time. This is an easy fix – you have to pack them anyway when you move so why not store before you begin showing your home?


Whatever you do, don’t cram boxes of your collectibles in the closet, close the door and call it done. Buyers are a curious lot and most will open doors and cabinets. If your closets and cabinets appear to be packed to the brim this gives the impression of a lack of prized storage space. Moving often provides the impetus to take a hard look at what you have been storing and purge items rather than schlep them to your next home.


We’ve all done it. A home with children can sometimes resemble a Toys r’ Us annex with toys in every room and corner; everyone with pets has a basket chock full of toys and accessories and a desk that is overflowing with mail that you’ve been meaning the shred. Look at your home with a critical eye, enter through your front door instead of the garage and try to put yourself in a buyer’s shoes.


Lastly, you’ve done the work, there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. Unfortunately the human body will acclimate to unpleasant odors in our homes such as pet accidents, smoke, diapers, garbage, kitty boxes etc. but you can be sure that a prospective buyer will notice the instant they walk through the door – an immediate turn off. Your can count on your REALTOR® to help you with this or ask a friend you trust that will tell you the truth to perform a “smell test” of your home. You will be glad you did!

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