Located within the Mojave Desert in the southwestern United States, North Las Vegas sits a bit northeast of Las Vegas, with a total square area of 101 square miles. Founded during the 1860’s North Las Vegas has grown to a city of more than 260,000 residents according to latest census figures.  In the 1960’s NLV had a major growth boom though this event was eclipsed by explosive residential and business expansion during the early 2000’s. North Las Vegas is one of Nevada’s best kept secrets with housing of all types and sizes with price ranges to accommodate any budget. NLV offers all types of shopping, entertainment & recreation opportunities.  The crown jewel, Craig Ranch Park, is a 170 acre masterpiece developed for public use from a former golf course.  The sprawling facility features a lake, 3 dog parks, Amphitheater and a 65,000SF world class skate park that has to be seen to be believed.

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