Xiaozhi "Molly" Tian-Mizrachi, REALTOR®

Molly was born and raised in Northern China. For many years, she worked in China's Canton Province before immigrating to Las Vegas, Nevada. After overcoming the initial culture shock between the East and West mode of thinking, orientation of values, behavioral habits, business views, and social communication, Molly decided to embark on a new career in real estate. Having exceptional skills and real-world experience in various business models, Molly found real estate to be incredibly amazing and rewarding. She charged head-first into this extraordinary opportunity because her ultimate goal is to create a business worth having in order to have a life worth living.

Molly joined the M and M Realty Group & Property Management at Real Estate One team because she recognized the team has a unique insight and unprecedented perspective of real estate in the Las Vegas valley. Above all else, the team shares many of Molly's core values such as providing value and service to all clients.

etsmollymiz@gmail.com      |      CELL: 702.793.6628

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