TV Lift Cabinets That Disguise Your Electronics As Elegant Furniture

TVs that disappear into the ceiling, the floor, cabinet or pretty much anywhere else are the type of futuristic feature we associate with some sci-fi movies or high-tech interior designs. During the past few years we’ve come closer to making this a more approachable feature, less fictional and more realistic. The TV lift cabinet concept brings some valid new benefits that a lot of modern and contemporary interiors could make the most of.

What initially looks like nothing more than a fireplace turns out to actually be a cover for a TV. It can be lifted above the so-called fireplace whenever needed and it can take its place back inside when no longer needed.

This SB concept cabinet also hides a secret. The subtle cut outs at the top give away the fact that this is not a regular storage cabinet but something completely different. There’s a lift inside of it which uses a motorized system which can be controlled remotely. It lifts the TV and ensures that it’s visible and a part of the interior decor only when needed.

End bed furniture

Having a TV in the bedroom can turn out to be practical  sometimes but other times can be a distraction, not to mention that a TV doesn’t necessarily fit well in all the bedroom decors. Whatever the case may be, TV lift cabinets can solve the problem. They allow you to keep a TV in the bedroom and to only reveal it when necessary. The rest of the time it stays hidden in an end bed cabinet which, by the way, is not nearly as futuristic-looking as anticipated.{images from here}.

One moment you’re sitting in bed admiring a beautiful painting and the next there’s a TV in the same spot. That’s possible here thanks to Le Bloc, a pop up TV lift cabinet which allows you to change the decor and ambiance in the room based on your mood. Its design is simple and elegant and you can use it either as a cabinet at the end of the bed or as a console table.

Several other elegant and versatile TV lift cabinet designs and concepts are offered by Cabinet Tronix. Some can accommodate TV of specific dimensions while others are more flexible in that manner. This one, for instance, is an excellent end bed cabinet which keeps the design of the room simple and clutter-free without requiring compromises.

A TV lift cabinet is a wonderful surprise which makes an important statement, suggesting that you want your bedroom to be a peaceful and tranquil space but you also enjoy watching a movie in there from time to time as well. Furniture pieces like the Kaydian Bowburn TV module help us find the balance between two contrasting design concepts.

Depending on the style you prefer, you can either go with a TV lift cabinet disguised as a traditional piece of furniture with intricate carved-out details and decorations on its surface or with something minimalist and better-suited for a contemporary bedroom, like the Fixed Lid showcased here.

We like the idea of products that are disguised as something else so naturally we find the Ottoman TV Lift to be quite charming. It has a low-height profile and sits below the bed and its top can be lifted to reveal a TV mounting system which can be adjusted at different heights. The great part about this is that the piece also functions as a regular ottoman. You can sit on it and even store things inside.

Behind sliding doors

In case a TV lift cabinet seems like too much trouble and you’d prefer a different way to conceal the TV in your home, an alternative can be to hide it behind sliding doors. It will all look like a cabinet except that you can’t open it or store anything in it.

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