A Quaint Retreat In Southern France Surrounded By Green And Lavender

This is Mas de l’Adret, a quaint little b&b located in southern France. It’s a charming place perfect for romantic getaways, anyone who seeks a relaxing and refreshing experience but also for those to enjoy spending time outdoors or hiking and cycling. The redesign of this beautiful retreat was completed in 2017.

The location is excellent: quiet, tranquil and with beautiful and panoramic views
Although small, this lovely bed&breakfast is not as modest as one might imagine

The villa sits on a hill, away from all the noise and stress in the city. It’s surrounded by lavender and it has views of Lez Valley and Mount Ventoux. You can tell by its location and orientation that it’s meant to be a serene and peaceful getaway.

The views are spectacular and they can be enjoyed along with the peace and quiet that come with the location

Given how beautiful the location and the views are, it’s no wonder that the outdoor areas are emphasized so nicely. The guests can enjoy spending time outdoors, relaxing by the pool, have breakfast and dinner outside and go for a swim to cool off on those hot summer days.

The interior is very modern and furnished with stylish features that create a sophisticated decor
The hood is especially interesting, standing out thanks to its design and allure

There’s definitely a strong contrast between the exterior of the building and the interior design of the spaces it contains. The stone exterior suggests a rustic design with traditional architectural features and retro influences. The interior, on the other hand, is surprisingly modern and very tastefully thought out.

The play of light and shadow, the colors, textures and materials are all in perfect sync

The kitchen and breakfast room, being a crucial part of the whole experience, occupy an important place in the layout of the villa and the way it’s been designed and organized. A Mammut Maxi cooker hood stands in the corner, looking down on the island. It has this dramatic allure and a sculptural design which allow it to stand out without being too opulent.

Open shelves in the kitchen put thing on display and maintain an open and airy ambiance

The kitchen is part of the Minà series from minacciolo, a collection that combines modern forms and traditional and classic influences, with a focus on the multifunctional island. This is a kitchen designed to be the center of the house, the space where everyone feels welcomed and comfortable, whether the purpose is to cook, to have breakfast or simply to socialize.

The chromatic palette is based on neutrals and a bit on the darker side

As you can see, the color palette used in the kitchen is mostly centered on shades of black and gray. The space is furnished with pieces from the Mina and Natural Skin collections from Minacciolo. The beautiful mat black island, the matching shelves and the elegant cabinetry is complemented by a warm tone of gray used on the walls and ceiling and by the occasional touch of color. Despite the dark palette, the space is bright, open and fresh.

The bedrooms are designed to be simple, relaxing and a bit bohemian
The colors are toned down but definitely not monotonous

The bedrooms, the other crucial half of the b&b experience, are cozy and inviting. They too are decorated with neutral colors mostly centered around black, white and gray but there’s always an array of details that keep the rooms from looking or feeling monotonous. It has to do with the materials and textures used throughout the villa.

The simplicity of the colors is complemented by an array of luxurious materials and textures

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