Easy 6 Can Chicken Soup

Here at Remodelaholic we love all things home decor and DIY, but we also love RECIPES. While we will continue to share our latest and greatest remodeling projects we want to start sharing some really yummy recipes once a week. Enjoy the recipes and know that we are still Remodelaholics.

Easy 6 Can Chicken Soup | This easy 6 can chicken soup has a southwestern twist is perfect for a quick meal on a chilly day, using ingredients that are already in your pantry. A new variation on a favorite taco soup recipe! #Remodelaholic #Foodieaholic

This easy 6 can chicken soup is the perfect recipe for those nights when you don’t have a lot of time to make dinner.  Not only is it simple to make, but it’s also delicious. Plus, you can keep all of the ingredients on-hand in your pantry ready at a moment’s notice.

Remodelaholic Easy 6 Can Chicken Soup 1

Remodelaholic Easy 6 Can Chicken Soup 2

When getting the canned ingredients ready, be sure to drain the corn and black beans. Some prefer to also rinse the black beans before adding them to the pot. Add all the...

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