DIY Toddler Beds For Decors With Personality And Playful Appeal

The transition from baby to toddler may not seem like a big deal but it is an important step in the development of a child. The moment when the nursery room becomes a toddler bedroom brings with it a lot of changes related to both the interior design of the space as well as the attitude of and towards the child. Check out our inspiring baby room ideas if you’re interested in cute and quirky decors but be prepared for the transition towards a more grow-up and serious design.

Toddler beds, besides being small, also have guard rails. These can be removed later on, as the child grows up and becomes more aware of the surroundings and the idea of a bed as opposed to a crib. The rails also have the role of making the child feel safe and secure and to make the transition from crib to bed less dramatic. Be sure to check out Rogueengineer if you’re interesting in plans for DIY toddler bed rails.

As it turns out, it can be quite difficult and tricky to find a ready-made toddler bed, especially one on a budget so an easier option is sometimes a DIY project. Building a bed from scratch is not exactly a walk in the park but it’s not too difficult either and Designmom offers some really good suggestions in this sense. Here you can also find the list of materials required for this.

There’s no need for much furniture in a toddler’s room and once you have that covered you can start being creative with all the decorations and the quirky accents. How about this balloon decal? It’s a fun touch of color for the room and it works great with the bed frame and the rest of the decorations. It’s an idea that comes from Girllovesglam.

For a kid, giving up the crib is not easy and to make the transition easier you can actually repurpose the crib into a toddler bed. A few structural changes should take care of the important part of the project. You’ll need a few extra pieces of wood since the frame of the new bed will actually be larger than that of the crib. On Doityourselvesdivas you can find a more detailed description of this entire project along with instructions and a list of required supplies.

We’re back to the bed rails which are a crucial part of a toddler bed’s design. The bed itself can just be. a regular single-person or twin-sized bed and in case it’s too high you can add a set of small stairs or a stool for the child to climb on to reach the top. building the rails and attaching them to the bed frame should be fairly simple. Make sure they bed is secure to avoid unwanted accidents and go over the suggestions offered on Simplybeautifulbyangela before you start the project.

When you think about it, putting together a bed, even from scratch, is not that difficult. The frame is simple and made up of three big pieces one of which is the headboard and another the base on which the mattress is placed. The safety rails are options and we suggest making them easily removable. There’s a whole list of materials needed for such a project showed on Howtospecialist and that’s also where you can find a step-by-step visual guide.

Platform beds are really easy to put together, especially if you don’t plan on adding a headboard or rails to the frame. Isn’t this one cute? It’s small and simple and that leaves enough room for a tent and a play area. If you’re interesting on the details of how this toddler bed was made, check out Behindthecameraanddreaming.

This bed design featured on Intentionandgrace is also pretty nice although we’d make a few structural changes such as a small frame to avoid accidents when climbing in and out of the bed. The tall headboard is a nice touch and the sconce attached to it seems very practical as well. We also like the small wheels which make it easy to rearrange the room as the kids grow up.

The bed frames that are the easiest to build are not also the best-looking ones. If you prefer a modern toddler bed but you also want to be able to put it together yourself, keep things simple and don’t forget to be creative. This design comes from Abeautifulmess. The bed has a blue frame and yellow hairpin legs. The combination is both elegant and playful.

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