DIY Dog Food Bowl Stand for Small Pups

Hey there Remodelaholics, Scott here with Saws on Skates back to make some more sawdust with you! This time I’m sharing a project for all of the pup parents out there. We’re DIYing a dog food bowl stand perfect for small pooches!

Diy Dog Food Bowl Stand Sos 7

There are a few things that make this DIY dog food bowl stand unique. First, rather than those boring stainless steel dog dishes I used small Feistaware bowls. I made the holes slightly smaller than the bowls so they could be easily lifted out.

Diy Dog Food Bowl Stand Sos 8

Second, the legs just slightly angle in towards the bottom.

Diy Dog Food Bowl Stand Sos 13

And third I used a router and a roundover bit to give the top a decorative edge.

Diy Dog Food Bowl Stand Sos 10

This is a quick project. Probably the most time consuming thing is waiting for the primer and paint to dry!


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