Cool Ways To Build And Customize A DIY Headboard

It’s important for a bedroom to a be a comfortable and relaxing space, not only in terms of layout and practicality but also from an aesthetic point of view. There’s no need for a lot of furniture and accessories. In fact, the fewer the better. You can still personalize the room with elements such as a DIY headboard or some colorful bedding. We have a lot of great ideas to share with you and we’ll start with some interesting headboard designs.

You can’t really know how to build a headboard until you actually try to do it once. Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult. We can guide you every step of the way. We suggest trying something simple at first…maybe a fabric-covered headboard with a plywood and foam structure. Cut a piece of plywood to the desired shape and size, put foam on top of it and then staple fabric over it all. Don’t worry about the back side of the headboard. You’ll never see it since it will be mounted flush with the wall.

The combination of rustic wood and teal is exquisite and the headboard is marvelous. It’s also pretty easy to put together and you can try this at home any time you want. Here’s what you’ll need: plywood, pine furring strips, wood glue, sandpaper, stain, wall anchors and hanging hardware as well as a saw, a drill and a nailer. Check out the full tutorial on Eastcoastcreativeblog.

In case you prefer something less robust, perhaps you’d like a headboard that looks more like the one featured on Vintagerevivals. It has a certain sculptural appeal and there are plenty of ways to customize it and make it your own. You can even give it a different shape or use a different type of wood that better suits the room’s decor.

Some DIY headboards require minimal effort, being made out of repurposed items such as vintage shutters. Depending on how big the bed and the shutters are, figure out the proportions and decide how pieces you’ll need. In the version shown on Samathaelizabethblog four shutter panels were used. Two are tall and two are small and they’re all painted in a beautiful shade of light turquoise.

Have you ever seen a pegboard headboard? It’s not a common idea but it is interesting. It’s also something you can easily craft yourself. This unusual idea comes from Designmyheartout. The headboard that inspired us is made of two pegboard panels that were spray painted gold and then decorated with pink mason string. You can definitely choose other colors and even a different pattern.

Hanging tapestry on walls is an old practice and, like a lot of other old things, it can be updated and given a modern twist. One idea is to hang tapestry,  quilt or a rug above the bed, as an alternative to the headboard. You can use a rod, as suggested on Apartmenttherapy. A similar idea is to hang curtains on the wall behind the bed. This will bring color and texture into the room, ensuring a cozy ambiance.

Headboards are almost always made of wood. It’s the most common material for this type of accessory and it’s easy to procure and fashion into just about anything. Building the actual headboard is only the first part of the project. Once you have that you can start customizing everything. The suggestion offered on Theweathereddoor is to use paint to create a colorful, geometric pattern.

Isn’t this headboard pretty? It’s made of plywood and it looks really chic and stylish. To make something just as beautiful you’ll need a few things such as a piece of plywood (obviously), some painter’s tape, and paint as well as some sandpaper. The first thing you need to do is sand down the plywood and then to place the tape to create the desired pattern. On Abubblylife a two-tone diagonal pattern is shown. After that you simply have to paint one section and remove the tape.

Upholstered headboard are awesome because they’re obviously very comfortable. They’re perfect if you like to read in bed. You can make your own soft and cozy headboard using a sheet of plywood, some fabric, a few pillows and a staple gun. Reaktionista offers a very cool customization idea. It involves plants and paint.

If you can get your hands on some reclaimed wood, maybe from an old barn or perhaps you could use the boards from a pallet. The older the wood is, the more character the headboard will have so don’t try to use matching boards. They can have different colors, widths and can even come from different sources. Check out Funkyjunkinteriors for more inspiration.

You can have a headboard without actually having a headboard in the traditional sense of the term. The idea is simple: instead of building one out of wood or some other materials you paint one on the wall. On Ohohblog you can see how such a project can turn out if you also use tape to create a geometric pattern on the wall.

By repurposing an old door into a headboard you give the whole room a unique look. You can even leave the knob on and use it as a hanger. Paint the door before you install it if you also want to add a bit of color to the decor, maybe match your new headboard to other existing features and accessories. {found on mysocaldlife}.

You can do a lot of cool things with a wood pallet. If the slats are close together you can simply turn the pallet into a headboard. You just need to sand it down a bit and clean it. After that, attach it to the wall. This can be a bit tricky so make sure you choose the right hardware for your type of wall. If you want you can even have fun decorating the pallet. On Catheywithane, for example, you can find a description of a pallet headboard decorated with birds on a wire.

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