Cool Kids Beds That Makes You Wish You Could Turn Back Time

Anything designed for kids is usually cute and irresistible, even something as big and as robust as a bed. Actually, we have a bunch of cool kids beds that we want to show you today. They’re really amazing and they almost makes you want to be a kid again just so you could fall asleep in one of these things. They’re the beds you wish you had when you were a child so maybe you’d like to surprise your own kid with something in this list.

Technically, that’s not a bed but a wall of cabinets with a built-in sleeping nook. It’s a design that Van Staeyen Interieur Architecten came up with. It’s a cool idea for several reasons. First of all, it looks cool and kids love that. Second of all, it’s practical and space-saving design that would suit most bedrooms. The color palette is also well-balanced, appearing to be simple and neutral but being vibrant and fun when you get to discover all of its details.

You can also discover a lot of cool kids beds in the magical collection by Circu. It includes all sorts of unique pieces like a hot air balloon bed or a bed that looks like an airplane. There’s a cozy sleeping nook in the form on a van and a sort of canopy bed that can be closed off to look like a tent.

If you’re interested in some custom designs, check out this lofted space created by Van Staeyen Interior Architects for one of their projects. It’s not your everyday child’s bedroom. The design puts a modern spin on the traditional bedroom layout and combined the sleeping and play areas into one structure that contains them all. It has two beds at the bottom and a playground at the top.

The list of cool beds for kids continues with this custom room designed by Incorporated Architecture & Design for an apartment in New York. As you can see, it’s a rather compact structure that includes four cozy beds, each designed as a separate nook. The design is cool and space-efficient, a perfect combination that makes everyone happy and leaves enough space for a play area.

Another fun and inspiring idea is offered by interior designer Barbora Léblová who worked on this boy’s bedroom. As you can see, the bed is nicely placed in the corner of the room and has a loft space above it with a ladder. That could be a fun play area or a second sleeping nook when friends stay over. The rest of the room is simple and has plenty of storage on open shelves and in drawers.

The bed or beds occupy a lot of space and that leaves little room for everything else. Cadas Arquitectura found a way to deal with this problem when they designed this apartment in Sao Paulo. They gave the kids a fun bedroom with two beds placed on opposite sides of the room, on a platform and with a loft above them.

Sharing a room can be fun as a kid despite the occasional conflicts. What would make the whole experience would be a way to combine two cool kids beds into a structure that’s both user-friendly and good-looking. The F and R bunk beds were designed specifically for bedrooms shared by two kids and they have two sizes, one for kids ages 6 and up and the other for toddlers between 3 and 4 years old. It’s a design by Agate & Arek Seredyn.

Bunk beds have always been practical and they still are. In a lot of cases designers look for ways to customize them to fit specific needs and spaces. One example is the design created by Space Architects and Buckingham Interiors for a family home in Chicago. The space was redesigned and the kids got custom-designed bunk beds with built-in stairs and storage.

These are the Caravan and the Tent beds, two fun and quirky designed by Mathy By Bols. Their names are very suggestive of their shape. It’s a camping-inspired series designed to stir the imagination and to invite the kids to explore the world indoors. These cool kids beds come in a variety of color options.

Kids love to hide in small places and to explore areas they can play in, as simple as it may be. When Project905 designed this apartment in Moscow they have the family’s three kids a fun little play space above the bed in one of the rooms. It’s a wooden box sort of like a nest and it occupies zero floor space.

Ideally, a family home would be perfect for everyone, kids and adults alike. Yet finding the balance between what’s fun and what’s comfortable or practical is tricky. mode:lina studio seems to have it all figured out. They designed a home in Poland which is divided in two areas. The first floor is a quiet space where the adults can relax and the kids have their own zone upstairs. They have this fun house-themed design with beds that have walls and windows.

A lot of things can make a space fun without taking away its functionality. Like all of these cool beds for kids that have built-in storage, pull-out platforms with mattresses for when friends sleep over or funky forms and quirky accessories like a headboard that doubles as a pinboard or a cute little nightstand placed exactly where it’s needed most.

Bunk beds and loft beds are a special category. They’re already space-efficient and on top of that they can be customized in lots of ways meant to make them even more practical. Some have built-in storage, others leave room underneath for desks or play areas and some just too good-looking to ignore.

Simple designs can be cool and fun too. We have the perfect example: a house in New York designed by Bates Masi Architects which has this chic bedroom for the kids with two wall-mounted beds and an overall minimalist decor.

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