Choosing the Perfect Washer and Dryer Set for Laundry Rooms

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Choosing the Perfect Washer and Dryer Set for Laundry Rooms

Savannah Kokaliares, Classy Clutter

When our washer and dryer went out it was a real bummer. It’s the last thing that we wanted to think about and worry about at the beginning of the summer with kids being in and out of the pool using a million towels and changing into so many different outfits each day. 

Before I go into how we chose our washer and dryer here is a picture of what our laundry looked like when the broken washer and dryer came out.

We had some work a head of us to make this laundry room work and function the way that we wanted it to. We decided that we wanted to add in a second set of washer and dryers. I knew once we made that decision we needed to address a few things but I also knew that we need to have a washer and dryer as soon as possible. We wanted to get them ordered right away and we could work on the laundry room reno while we waited for them to be delivered. I went over my must haves for the washer and dryer with my husband and we took a few measurements of the space. Here is what our must haves were,


  • It had to be Electric because we did not have gas.
  • I wanted large capacity machines.
  • They had to be stackable because we planned on getting two sets so that laundry would go that much faster.
  • Not really a must have but something we kept in mind was we had a white washer and dryer set before and to change things up a bit we thought maybe a different color or finish would be something a little more different and fun.
  • But the last and most important thing to me on this list was I wanted to get the washer and dryer set as quickly as possible.

With our list in hand we headed up to Home Depot to talk to an associate to discuss with them about our must-have list, our budget, and see what our options were. 

When we got to the store we were greeted by very friendly associates. But before we sat down with them we were browsing around a bit on our own to kind of get a feel for what we liked. We were able to see a lot of different options there at the actual Home Depot store that day which made the decision even easier. We sat down and talked to an associate a bit about our list and after discussing and looking at all of our different options we ultimately decided on THIS LG WASHER  and THIS LG DRYER . 

The Home Depot associate made it very easy to make the ultimate decision of picking out which washer and dryer was best suited for us and our needs.  After we made our final decision the associate ordered them for us and set up a delivery schedule and time. I feel like all of our needs were met and we really enjoyed the experience and I was grateful that the associate took the time to go over all the options with us. Picking out of an appliance can be very stressful and it’s a lot of money and the Home Depot associates made this process so smooth and put my mind at ease. 

The process did not stop there. I was so glad we got the washers and dryers ordered but we had a lot of work a head of us. Because we were doing two sets of washer and dryer we had to change up some of the plumbing in our existing laundry room. 

Luckily my husband is a contractor and also owns a plumbing company and was able to do all the work himself. He added a second dryer box, rerouted some of the plumbing and a million other things that you can check out at CLASSYCLUTTER.NET for even more details of what we did in order to be ready for the install.  

We ended up redoing the flooring and also removing some existing cabinets and the soffit where the washer and dryer would go so that we could put some cabinets above the washer and dryer for storage. 

We wanted the laundry room to be ready for the washers and dryers to be hooked up the second they arrived. So after a crazy amount of work the laundry room was ready. 

The day before the scheduled delivery date a delivering company called me with a time frame for the next day delivery and I could not be more excited. 

The day had finally arrived and the washer and dryers were delivered. The color and the finish of the washer and dryers were perfection and we were all set for install. 

As each piece came in I got more and more excited. 

They fit perfectly in place, I loved the color and they have a very larger capacity. Every thing on our must have list was checked off. I was beyond happy. 

We have not had a new washer and dryer for 9+ years and doing the first load was music to my ears.

 My husband and I both love our washer and dryer and The Home Depot brought so much comfort and ease and made a very stressful situation way more bearable. 

This is the other side of the laundry room. We now have a little folding area.  This space functions perfectly for our family. We love this set up and we love these washers and dryers. 

Our laundry room has come along way since we bought this house. There was so much work that went into this laundry room and you can check out the rest of the details of laundry room renovations on 

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