Charming Rustic Shelves And How To Add Them To Modern Spaces

There are many ways to give a space the warmth and charm it needs in order to feel like a home. You can do it with color, a special selection of materials and finishes, personalized decorations, textiles or pleasant lighting. The list is a lot longer than that and these elements can be mixed and matched in endless ways. Right now we’re keep things simple and we’ll only focus on one thing: rustic shelves. They’re more versatile and powerful than you think and we’re ready to prove it.

Before you dismiss rustic shelves as being outdated and not suited for modern interiors, keep in mind that live-edge wood is essentially timeless. Picture a modern kitchen, with clean and simple colors, minimalist furniture and smooth surfaces. It looks cool but that it longs for the warmth of natural wood and its beautiful color and texture. Perhaps you could solve that with a few rustic floating shelves like the ones featured on Diyinpdx.

A nice thing about rustic shelves is that they embrace the imperfections in the wood and in their design and that means you can definitely attempt to build them yourself without fear of messing up. To get that rustic look, you could use reclaimed wood. It has a unique patina and sit really brings out the beauty in the shelves, even though they’re essentially very simple. Check out Thewoodgraincottage to find the list of supplies you’ll need as well as instructions.

Shelves in general are very versatile and useful in every simple room or type of space. In the bathroom, a few wall-mounted shelves can add valuable storage and surfaces on which to display and organize extra towels, toiletries, maybe even some moisture-loving plants. The rustic nature of the shelves would offer another advantage: a soothing and comfortable ambiance and a warm and welcoming decor which is not often what bathrooms are associated with. If you like these rustic wood shelves, head over to Craftsmandrive to see how they were built.

The dining room is another space where some floating shelves could really be useful. While cabinets offer lots of storage for dishes, napkins, bottles and other things, floating shelves are better at displaying things so you could use them to showcase some nice decorations or to keep glasses nice and organized as well as close at hand. You can built the shelves yourself and Heyletsmakestuff can be your source of inspiration.

Rustic wood shelves can look very beautiful, bohemian even, especially when attached to crisp white walls which are very common in modern and contemporary interiors. Shelves made of live-edge wood are even more charming so consider adding one or two to the bedroom or bathroom and to keep your collection of perfumes on them or to somehow emphasize their delicate nature in other ways. {found on diyinpdx}.

Kitchen shelving is very practical and some even say it’s a must-have. Floating shelves can be used to keep spice jars accessible or to hold often used items close at hand and at the same time out of the way, thus freeing up the counter and maintaining a clutter-free kitchen. On Biggerthanthethreeofus you can find a few details about these particular shelves.

Of course, we can’t forget about the bookshelves. They make spaces feel like home and they complete decors in ways no other furniture piece or accessory can. So go ahead and dig through your things and maybe you’ll find some old pieces of wood which you could repurpose. Sand them down if you want to get rid of the dirt and stains or leave the wood as it is if you want to preserve its history and charm. {found on nestofposies-blog}.

Sometimes when you’re hanging floating shelves the anchors seem to ruin the whole design. You can be clever and solve this problem by using L brackets and hiding the exposed part (above the shelve) with decorations. You can mask them with vases, planters and other items and it would really help if the brackets were the same color as the wall they’re attached to. According to the info we found on Amykrist, it shouldn’t take more than half an hour to hang the shelves.

Don’t only think of shelves as simple, rectangular boards. Those are definitely more common but there’s in fact a multitude of forms and designs to choose from. For instance, check out these triangle-shaped shelves. They can be displayed in groups and they can form modular units and they’re excellent for displaying planters, vases and collectibles. You can follow the tutorial offered by Poppytalk to learn how to make your own.

While wall-mounted shelves are definitely very practical in the kitchen, be they rustic or not, so are hooks which are great for hanging kitchen utensils, cutting boards and mugs. You can combine the two in a hybrid piece, part shelf and part hook rack. It can even include a beautiful board sign which you can customize with your chosen template. The design you see here was featured on Funkyjunkinteriors and if you want to make something similar you’ll need reclaimed wood, pipe fittings, some hooks, a stencil and paint.

Tree trunks and wood slices are timeless. In fact, they’ve recently made a great comeback and they started to pop in lots of modern and contemporary homes. Curious how you can make wood slice shelves? Have a look at the tutorial shown on Girllovesglam. These rustic shelves are actually the perfect accent pieces for a modern decor. They’re simple enough to suit the style but at the same time they’re always unique.

These live-edge shelves are made of walnut wood and they’re shown here in a coastal-themed decor. They’re decorated with shells and corals and they really capture the essence of the concept.

This is an interesting twist on the whole modern dresser/ cabinet idea. The live-edge wood shelves inside the cabinet are a beautiful and unexpected surprise.

This olive live-edge accent shelf and the previous two designs come from Lumberlust designs. This shelf is particularly beautiful because of its uneven shape and the fact that it looks so authentic.

On Etsy you can find a wide array of rustic shelves and other similar accent pieces made from reclaimed wood or debris. Browse through the collection to find the size, shape, thickness and type of wood that best suits the space and style that you have in mind.

This rustic floating shelf also comes from Etsy. It’s small and robust and it’s an interesting sight on its own. It’s made of reclaimed wood with visible nail holes showing on its surface and a dark and weathered finish.

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