15 Rustic Kitchen Islands Perfect for Any Kitchen

Farmhouse, farmhouse, everywhere. The rustic style is all over our feeds at the moment. It’s a great thing if you’re into the farmhouse style… but not so much if you lean towards sleek modern lines. However, there is one element of rustic decor that you can seamlessly add to any kind of home, no matter what your style is. You’ll find that a rustic kitchen island is just the piece you’ve been looking for. Yes, even in a modern home, the worn edges and rough wood of a rustic kitchen island can make your space feel loved and lived in. Take a look at these 15 rustic kitchen islands to discover which style will work best for you.

Marble is no doubt a classic choice for kitchen countertops. Pair it with a nice wood stain and you’ll have a look that is decidedly clean and rustic at the same time. Perfect for the kitchen that needs to go both ways.

Many people find kitchen renovations daunting due to the sheer expense required to make everything reflect your style. When you’re thinking of revamping your farmhouse kitchen, just wrap your island in beadboard and you’ll find that’s enough said.

Stone is such a wonderful decorating medium. All the colors and textures that the variations provide make it easy to choose one for your space. Cover the boring bits of your existing kitchen island in your favorite shade for a really cabin like look.

You might think that your tiny farmhouse kitchen is just not big enough for an island, but you’re probably wrong. With some wood, stain and a free Saturday, you can build a custom rustic island for your kitchen that will double your work space.

It’s such a wonderful thing to find hand-me-down treasures in your parents’ or grandparents’ attic. Remember that big old dining room table? Snap it up to use as a kitchen island. Being already lovingly worn down means you won’t be worried about using it to it’s full potential.

How do you bring rustic to a rather modern kitchen? It’s all in the wood. Give your island a makeover by lining the corners in some beautiful rustic beams. The deep wood grain against your lighter cabinets will make a bigger impact than you think.

Countertops can be the most expensive purchase for a kitchen, excepting the appliances. So what do you do when you only have enough in the budget for the expensive counter choice on the cabinets? You resort to butcher block on the island.

When you’re leaning towards industrial styling in your home, you definitely need to think more rustic in your kitchen. A thick chunky wood kitchen island will fulfill all your storage needs without diverting from the industrial feel.

Are you trying to bring color and life into your already rustic kitchen? Paint it. Choose the brightest color that makes you happy and paint your kitchen island. Just that one pop will change the feel of the entire room, no cabinet painting required.

A large kitchen with a vaulted ceiling obviously needs a large statement to take up the space. Treat yourself to a live edge countertop on your rustic kitchen island to bring some serious class and personality to your kitchen.

When you want your sleek modern space to feel like home, it’s necessary to add a touch of vintage. Next time you’re out secondhand shopping, look for the wooden table with the pencil marks and roughened surface. It will be the perfect kitchen island to add some warmth to your space.

It’s not a proper rustic post until shiplap has been mentioned. But in all seriousness, shiplap is the perfect way to add some interest and farmhouse flair to your dull kitchen island. Plus, it’s a cheap weekend project which means five stars.

Most people fall into one of two concrete counter categories: they like it or they don’t. If you’re a lover, don’t hesitate to add a concrete countertop to your kitchen island.

Large families definitely need versatility when it comes to square footage. Rustic kitchen islands often have wheels which allow them to be rolled away when you have one too many cooks in the kitchen. Perfect for families that cook together.

Of course you don’t have to have rustic wood for your kitchen island to fit into your rustic kitchen. A sleek dark stained wood will be a lovely modern touch to an otherwise textured rustic space.

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