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Great Ways To Transform Small Spaces With Adult Loft Beds

Unlike bunk beds which in a home are usually associated with kids, loft beds can be quite sophisticated and they can also be used by adults. In fact, they’re a common design option for small homes because they free up valuable floor space which can be used in other ways. Adult loft beds are a…
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Feng Shui and Your Living Room Sofa

Feng shui, in some circles, is associated with the art of placement. While it’s true to some extent that the way that furniture, such as the sofa, is placed in the living room impacts the overall flow and feel of the space, it doesn’t necessarily follow that furniture must be arranged in a precise way…
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Dark, Dramatic Vineyard Hotel is Perfect Australian Getaway

Just an hour from the busy avenues of Melbourne, Australia lies a relaxing and chic boutique getaway called the Jackalope. Its prime location on the edge of stunning vineyards is situated on the Mornington Peninsula, known as Melbourne’s weekend playground. The dramatic hotel is a stunning modern retreat that offers all the amenities a guest…
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Give Your Bathroom a Makeover Using Shiplap Appearance Boards

Alex Evjen of AVE Styles used vertical shiplap appearance boards for a modern and unconventional look in her bathroom. Read more to find out how to get this look for your home. Bathroom Makeover Using Vertical Shiplap Appearance Boards Shiplap has taken over the interior design world this past year, and it has intrigued me. Even though…
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Funny Animal Shaped Lamps Bring Cheer To Homes And Offices

We believe that the lighting has a very important role in the overall look of a space and, most importantly, its ambiance. A bunch of cool light fixtures can transform a space from boring to fun and exciting and even though there are so many mainstream designs that saturate the market, it’s not that difficult…
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100% Design Delights with New Home Decor Pieces

The London Design Festival encompasses many events and 100% Design at Olympia is one of the largest. This year, as many as 27,000 architects, designers and visitors attended the UK’s largest design trade show. Homedit was there to see what more than 400 global exhibitors had to show, including new products launched at the venue. From emerging…
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Everything You Need to Know About Craftsman Homes

Lots of people that go house shopping today look for a place with character. Usually that means something old and a little bit worn around the edges. The kind of place that feels like home before you even move your boxes in. A true and honest craftsman home has that exact draw among all the…
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Quakes and fires? It’s the cost of living that Californians can’t stomach

For more than three decades, California has seen a net outflow of residents to other states, as less expensive southern cities like Las Vegas, Phoenix, Houston and Raleigh, North Carolina, supplant those of the Golden State as beacons of opportunity ... Source:
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DIY Long Table Runner Tray for a Centerpiece

Hey all, Corey back from Sawdust 2 Stitches! Do you struggle with tablescapes ? This is my new go-to! It is a cheap and easy way to create some character and bulk without spending a fortune! It serves as a great foundation to any table decor, fill it with whatever tickles your fancy! For spring…
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